Oct 15

Body of Water: The Okavango Delta


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Sep 14

Food Picture

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Make a picture using food and describe the process.

Aug 27

Advertising – The Make-All


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Aug 20

Archery Part 1


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Oct 20

My Fairy Tale

The book I have chosen is The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid BlytonThe-magic_faraway_tree

It is about four children, Jo, Bessy and Fanny and their cousin Dick. They discover a magical tree in the nearby Enchanted Wood. The tree is magical because it is very tall and has different fruits and nuts growing on it. Interesting people live in the tree. Moon-Face has a big, round face like a moon. He lives at the top room of the tree and has a Slippery Slip, which is a slide that goes from his house and round and round the inside of the tree to the bottom. Silky is a Pixie, and Saucepan Man sells kettles and saucepans and has them hanging from a rope all over him. The kettles and saucepans make a lot of noise when he moves, so he is very deaf and hears most things wrong.

At the top of the tree is a cloud that has different lands in it like the Land of The Old Woman In The Shoe, Land of Presents, Land of Do As You Please, Land of Smacks and Land of Toys. Sometimes the land stays for a day, sometimes a week. The children have many adventures in these lands with their friends.

My favourite land is The Land of Goodies, where things are made of lollies and cakes and things. The plants grow flowers that are actually plates of jelly. Houses are made of yummy things but Dick got into trouble because he ate someone’s door knocker. So he had to stay in that house while the others went around eating yummy things and collecting goodies to take back to their friends and family.

Sep 15

Term 3 Project – Insect

Praying Mantis

mantis legswings

A praying mantis moves by walking on its six legs.  Some praying mantises have wings and can fly.


Mantis lizard

It eats other insects, and larger praying mantises can also eat small lizards, birds, rodents and fish.

Mantises catch their prey with deadly spiked front legs.  If the prey does not resist the mantis will eat it alive.  If the prey does resist, the mantis will bite of its head to kill it.

Praying mantises live in gardens and forests, anywhere that’s not too cold because there’s plenty of grass and trees for them to hide and hunt.

AH-Camouflaged-Praying-Mantis-Borneo-3164 mintis defnece

They protect themselves by being camouflaged. When threatened they stand tall and spread out their front legs and fan out their wings to look bigger. They also strike out with their spiked front legs and bite.

Sep 01


Today I’m going to talk about achieving a black belt in Taekwondo.  You start with white belt, then yellow belt, then blue belt, then red belt, then black belt.  In white belt there is only one level, in yellow and blue there are three levels each.  In red belt there are four levels, and then you get to black belt.











woodmovieI have a black belt.  To get a black belt, I first needed to get a grading paper, then complete and pass grading, then attend a black belt ceremony.  In black belt grading I had to show that I knew two patterns, pattern 4 and pattern 8.  I had to break wood twice, once with a punch and a kick.  I chose to use body punch and tiny kick.  I also had to do three rounds of sparring.  The last boy I sparred with only had to do two rounds so he was not as tired as me.



Two weeks later I attended the black belt ceremony.  For the ceremony, we had to learn a special bow called the Big Bow and we had to say an oath, which is like a promise.  Then the Grand Master presented us with our black belts.  He tied the belt around me and I shook his hand. I was the second person to get the belt in the ceremony.  My sister Katelin was part of the ceremony too.  She was dressed in a traditional Korean costume and escorted us to our spots.










7kicksmovieNow that I have got black belt, I can learn new moves.  This is a video of me doing seven kicks in a row.  We also practise rolling as this is part of learning how to fall.








Aug 27

When Life was Different

Growing and Changing



Aug 11

My Family Goes on a Treasure Hunt (Geocaching)

Last weekend, my family went on a treasure hunt, also known as Geocaching.

A Geocaching map
A Geocaching map

Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunting game using GPS on your mobile phone.  You follow the map on the phone to find the treasure.

 We looked in 5 different places around West Pennant Hills and found 4 treasures.  Some were very small, like the size of a matchbox, some were a bit bigger, like a plastic snack container.  Each container contained a piece of paper for you to write your name and the date you found it.  The bigger containers had treasure, which you could take as long as you replaced it with something else for the next person.  We took a golf ball and left loom bands.







The treasures were hidden in places like logs or under playground equipment.  One was magnetic and stuck to the bottom of something.









Jul 28

Book Review


Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy

Part 1: The Night of the Nasty Nostril Nuggets

by Dav Pilkey


George and Harold play a prank on their classmate Melvin, humiliating him in front of the whole school.  Looking  for revenge, Melvin builds the Combine-O-Tron 2000, a machine that will combine him with a giant robot and scare George and Harold.

But moments before Melvin and the robot are combined, Melvin sneezes.  His snot is also added to the Combine-O-Tron 2000.  The result is a giant Melvin robot covered in snot and mucus, AKA Bionic Booger Boy

Bionic Booger Boy

Bionic Booger Boy

Bionic Booger Boy keeps growing and destroying the city, so it is up to Captain Underpants to stop him.

I like Captain Underpants books because all the action stuff, boogers, underwear and toilets are cool!!!

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