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Jul 21

My Mixed Up Animal

Praying Hopper

Name: Praying hopper Mix of: Praying mantis and grasshopper Size: As big as my hand Description: The praying hopper has two sets of strong back legs that allow it to jump high and long distances.  The highest recorded jump for a praying hopper is 30m and the furthest is 80m. It has the front legs …

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Jun 18

Term 2 Project – Transport: Elephants as Transport

Where would you find it? Elephants are used as transport in Thailand and India What form of energy does it use? Elephants eat fruit, grass and roots What is it made of? Elephants are warm blooded animals What does it transport? Elephants are very strong and are mainly used to transport logs and humans An …

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Jun 02

Transport Poetry

There once was a dirty dump truck It was brown and full of muck. Its tyres went flat At a drop of a hat It could float on water like a duck.

Apr 07

Term 1 Project – Change


Changing ingredients into cake   First you need the ingredients to make the cake. Flour – Makes the cake Sugar – makes it sweet Butter – stops the cake from being dry Baking powder – makes the cake rise Cocoa powder and vanilla – makes it  chocolate and extra yummy Eggs – sticks it all …

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Mar 25

When my Grandfather went to school

Methodist Boys' Primary School, 1957

What was the name of your school? Methodist Boys’ Primary School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia What years did you go there? 1953 – 1958 What sorts of games did you play at recess? Marbles, spinning tops, cops and robbers, hopscotch. I was also in Scouts. What happened when you were naughty? We were caned – with …

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Mar 16

When I grow up I want to be…


BEN 10!!!     Because I can turn into different aliens and fight bad guys and use powers to save people from the baddest bad guys.   Some of the aliens in his omnitrix are called Ghostfreak, Upgrade, Jetray, Humungosaur, Wildmutt, Swampfire, Heatblast, Ditto, Feedback, Echo Echo and Spidermonkey.       My favourite alien …

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Mar 09

How To Drive Your Sister Crazy


A Book I No Longer Read How to Drive Your Sister Crazy by Diane Z. Shore This book is about annoying your sister.  It talks about older sisters but I think it works for younger sisters too.         It goes from making your sister                  …

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Mar 02

The Solar System

solar system

I like space!  Our solar system is part of the Milky Way. There is a sun, eight planets and seven dwarf planets. The Sun The sun is a star.  Stars can be blue and stars can be red and some can be white.  The sun is very hot.  Boiling water is 100 degrees Celsius.  The …

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