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Sep 14

Food Picture


Make a picture using food and describe the process.

Sep 15

Term 3 Project – Insect

Mantis lizard

Praying Mantis A praying mantis moves by walking on its six legs.  Some praying mantises have wings and can fly.   It eats other insects, and larger praying mantises can also eat small lizards, birds, rodents and fish. Mantises catch their prey with deadly spiked front legs.  If the prey does not resist the mantis …

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Apr 07

Term 1 Project – Change


Changing ingredients into cake   First you need the ingredients to make the cake. Flour – Makes the cake Sugar – makes it sweet Butter – stops the cake from being dry Baking powder – makes the cake rise Cocoa powder and vanilla – makes it  chocolate and extra yummy Eggs – sticks it all …

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