Aug 11

My Family Goes on a Treasure Hunt (Geocaching)

Last weekend, my family went on a treasure hunt, also known as Geocaching.

A Geocaching map
A Geocaching map

Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunting game using GPS on your mobile phone.  You follow the map on the phone to find the treasure.

 We looked in 5 different places around West Pennant Hills and found 4 treasures.  Some were very small, like the size of a matchbox, some were a bit bigger, like a plastic snack container.  Each container contained a piece of paper for you to write your name and the date you found it.  The bigger containers had treasure, which you could take as long as you replaced it with something else for the next person.  We took a golf ball and left loom bands.







The treasures were hidden in places like logs or under playground equipment.  One was magnetic and stuck to the bottom of something.