Jul 21

My Mixed Up Animal

Name: Praying hopper

Praying Hopper

The deadly Praying Hopper

Mix of: Praying mantis and grasshopper

Size: As big as my hand

Description: The praying hopper has two sets of strong back legs that allow it to jump high and long distances.  The highest recorded jump for a praying hopper is 30m and the furthest is 80m. It has the front legs and head of a praying mantis to grab onto its prey and bite its head off.  Its body is green with orange, red and yellow stripes.  These colours tell other animals to stay away as it is dangerous.  Fully grown praying hoppers can also fly.

Food: Praying hoppers eat anything that wants to attack humans.  Even bad guys who are humans. To attack animals larger than themselves, praying hoppers work in swarms.

Lives: In my house