Jul 21

My Mixed Up Animal

Name: Praying hopper

Praying Hopper

The deadly Praying Hopper

Mix of: Praying mantis and grasshopper

Size: As big as my hand

Description: The praying hopper has two sets of strong back legs that allow it to jump high and long distances.  The highest recorded jump for a praying hopper is 30m and the furthest is 80m. It has the front legs and head of a praying mantis to grab onto its prey and bite its head off.  Its body is green with orange, red and yellow stripes.  These colours tell other animals to stay away as it is dangerous.  Fully grown praying hoppers can also fly.

Food: Praying hoppers eat anything that wants to attack humans.  Even bad guys who are humans. To attack animals larger than themselves, praying hoppers work in swarms.

Lives: In my house

Jun 18

Term 2 Project – Transport: Elephants as Transport

Where would you find it?

Elephants are used as transport in Thailand and India

What form of energy does it use?

Elephants eat fruit, grass and roots

What is it made of?

Elephants are warm blooded animals

What does it transport?

Elephants are very strong and are mainly used to transport logs and humans

An interesting fact about elephants

Elephants don’t like peanuts.  They don’t eat it in the wild and zoo keepers don’t feed it to them.

Jun 02

Transport Poetry

Dump Truck

Photo courtesy of Alden Jewell on flickr

There once was a dirty dump truck

It was brown and full of muck.

Its tyres went flat

At a drop of a hat

It could float on water like a duck.

Apr 07

Term 1 Project – Change

Changing ingredients into cake


First you need the ingredients to make the cake.


Flour – Makes the cake

Sugar – makes it sweet

Butter – stops the cake from being dry

Baking powder – makes the cake rise

Cocoa powder and vanilla – makes it  chocolate and extra yummy

Eggs – sticks it all together





We mix the ingredients together into a batter.











Then we spoon the batter in cupcake wrappers in the tin

Then we put it in the oven to bake.

When it’s ready we take the cakes out of the oven and leave it to cool.





And then we eat it and it disappears!



This is CHANGE because is goes from different ingredients to a cake to NOTHING!!!!

Mar 25

When my Grandfather went to school

Methodist Boys' Primary School, 1957

Methodist Boys’ Primary School, 1957

What was the name of your school?

Methodist Boys’ Primary School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Year 6 Class Photo

Year 6 Class Photo

What years did you go there?

1953 – 1958


What sorts of games did you play at recess?

Marbles, spinning tops, cops and robbers, hopscotch. I was also in Scouts.

What happened when you were naughty?

Rattan canes

Rattan canes

We were caned – with a skinny, flexible stick on our

hands and bum

Did you get free milk at school?


What were the toilets like?

If you did a poo and then someone else went in, they would see your poo because they didn’t have flushes pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mar 16

When I grow up I want to be…

BEN 10!!! Aiden-B10



Because I can turn into different aliens and fight bad guys and use powers to save people from the baddest bad guys.


Some of the aliens in his omnitrix are called Ghostfreak, Upgrade, Jetray, Humungosaur, Wildmutt, Swampfire, Heatblast, Ditto, Feedback, Echo Echo and Spidermonkey.





My favourite alien is Ghostfreak because he can go through things and become invisible…





…and Upgrade because he can jump on things and use them as weapons to attack the bad guys.


Mar 09

How To Drive Your Sister Crazy

A Book I No Longer Read9780060527624

How to Drive Your Sister Crazy

by Diane Z. Shore

This book is about annoying your sister.  It talks about older sisters but I think it works for younger sisters too.





It goes from making your sister





to calm











to getting a big fright







He sets a clock for three o’clock in the morning and puts it in her underwear drawer and when it starts ringing she screams, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”

That’s my favourite part of the book.

Mar 02

The Solar System

The Solar System

I like space!  Our solar system is part of the Milky Way.

There is a sun, eight planets and seven dwarf planets.

The Sun

The sun is a star.  Stars can be blue and stars can be red and some can be white.  The sun is very hot.  Boiling water is 100 degrees Celsius.  The sun is hotter than boiling water.  The sun is made of gas.

The Planets

There are eight planets.  There are 4 inner planets.  They are called Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.  The outer planets are called Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.


Mercury is hotter than a pizza!  Mercury is the closest to the Sun. The closer you are to the sun the quicker you will be going around it.  Mercury takes 88 earth days to go around the sun once.


Venus is the hottest planet because it has clouds.


There is life on Earth.  Earth was once hot but then the rain came down and it changed to like we are now.


Some people think about sending someone to Mars and making the fuel out of Mars’ dust for the engine to blast back to Earth.  Mars is red.


Jupiter is bigger than all of the planets joined together.  All of the planets joined together will be half the size of Jupiter.


Saturn has seven rings around it.

UranusAsteroid Belt

Uranus spins on its side.


Neptune is blue.  Neptune is the coldest planet if you are counting the planets and not the dwarf planets.

Asteroid Belt Between Mars and Jupiter

The asteroid belt is between the inner planets and the outer planets.  There are thousands of rocks in the asteroid belt.  They are like a huge ring across the planets.

Dwarf PlanetsDwarf Planets

There are seven dwarf planets.  The difference about dwarf planets and planets are that dwarf planets are too small to be a normal planet.  Pluto used to be a planet but is not any more.  Some people say it is too small to be a planet and some people say it got hit by a rock.  We only know five dwarf planets.


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