Sep 01


Today I’m going to talk about achieving a black belt in Taekwondo.  You start with white belt, then yellow belt, then blue belt, then red belt, then black belt.  In white belt there is only one level, in yellow and blue there are three levels each.  In red belt there are four levels, and then you get to black belt.











woodmovieI have a black belt.  To get a black belt, I first needed to get a grading paper, then complete and pass grading, then attend a black belt ceremony.  In black belt grading I had to show that I knew two patterns, pattern 4 and pattern 8.  I had to break wood twice, once with a punch and a kick.  I chose to use body punch and tiny kick.  I also had to do three rounds of sparring.  The last boy I sparred with only had to do two rounds so he was not as tired as me.



Two weeks later I attended the black belt ceremony.  For the ceremony, we had to learn a special bow called the Big Bow and we had to say an oath, which is like a promise.  Then the Grand Master presented us with our black belts.  He tied the belt around me and I shook his hand. I was the second person to get the belt in the ceremony.  My sister Katelin was part of the ceremony too.  She was dressed in a traditional Korean costume and escorted us to our spots.










7kicksmovieNow that I have got black belt, I can learn new moves.  This is a video of me doing seven kicks in a row.  We also practise rolling as this is part of learning how to fall.