Sep 15

Term 3 Project – Insect

Praying Mantis

mantis legswings

A praying mantis moves by walking on its six legs.  Some praying mantises have wings and can fly.


Mantis lizard

It eats other insects, and larger praying mantises can also eat small lizards, birds, rodents and fish.

Mantises catch their prey with deadly spiked front legs.  If the prey does not resist the mantis will eat it alive.  If the prey does resist, the mantis will bite of its head to kill it.

Praying mantises live in gardens and forests, anywhere that’s not too cold because there’s plenty of grass and trees for them to hide and hunt.

AH-Camouflaged-Praying-Mantis-Borneo-3164 mintis defnece

They protect themselves by being camouflaged. When threatened they stand tall and spread out their front legs and fan out their wings to look bigger. They also strike out with their spiked front legs and bite.