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The Solar System

The Solar System

I like space!  Our solar system is part of the Milky Way.

There is a sun, eight planets and seven dwarf planets.

The Sun

The sun is a star.  Stars can be blue and stars can be red and some can be white.  The sun is very hot.  Boiling water is 100 degrees Celsius.  The sun is hotter than boiling water.  The sun is made of gas.

The Planets

There are eight planets.  There are 4 inner planets.  They are called Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.  The outer planets are called Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.


Mercury is hotter than a pizza!  Mercury is the closest to the Sun. The closer you are to the sun the quicker you will be going around it.  Mercury takes 88 earth days to go around the sun once.


Venus is the hottest planet because it has clouds.


There is life on Earth.  Earth was once hot but then the rain came down and it changed to like we are now.


Some people think about sending someone to Mars and making the fuel out of Mars’ dust for the engine to blast back to Earth.  Mars is red.


Jupiter is bigger than all of the planets joined together.  All of the planets joined together will be half the size of Jupiter.


Saturn has seven rings around it.

UranusAsteroid Belt

Uranus spins on its side.


Neptune is blue.  Neptune is the coldest planet if you are counting the planets and not the dwarf planets.

Asteroid Belt Between Mars and Jupiter

The asteroid belt is between the inner planets and the outer planets.  There are thousands of rocks in the asteroid belt.  They are like a huge ring across the planets.

Dwarf PlanetsDwarf Planets

There are seven dwarf planets.  The difference about dwarf planets and planets are that dwarf planets are too small to be a normal planet.  Pluto used to be a planet but is not any more.  Some people say it is too small to be a planet and some people say it got hit by a rock.  We only know five dwarf planets.


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  1. Celina

    What are the names of other dwarf planets?

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